By Your Side

Brand loyalty is what makes companies immortal - and this is achieved by creating an excellent guest experience. This can be expressed in the character and quality of a physical environment, the uniqueness of a live experience, the technology through which your story is delivered, and more. The magic mix depends on having the right components, the right team members, and the right advisor by your side and on your side - an expert seasoned in creating successful, world-class destinations.

We offer these services:

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Esparza HQ is not a marketing firm, not a design firm, not a project management firm. With 30 years’ experience and success in the LBE space, we are your trusted guide and advisor through the conception, development and delivery of premium brand experiences.

"I have worked on multiple projects with Anthony over 25 years.   He is a great creative thinker, and a strategic leader.   Whether he’s thinking through the highest idea, or all the way to the last detail, he knows how envision it, and bring a team around it.  Most importantly, he really knows how to create entertaining experiences that draw customers."

— Luc Mayrand, Vice President, Creative Portfolio Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering

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Client Representative and connector

At Esparza HQ we know the terrain, the people, the trends, the pitfalls and the process, and we know them from several viewpoints: the owner/operator, the developer, the vendor, the brand/IP holder, and the guest.

“Anthony Esparza has got an incredible eye for talent and is the best there is for building a team. Anyone who needs input to make a project better or stronger, or needs help with creative process or building a creative team, will want to call Anthony.”

— Joel Manby, former CEO and President, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

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As your representative, we ensure the creative platform for the project is robust and meets business objectives, bring our background and perspective to help you communicate the best project vision, perform creative and design reviews on your behalf, and provide feedback to help you make productive decisions and get your team to the finish line with spectacular results.

“He always challenges the team to make a project even better and brings an optimistic, fresh approach to his work. He helps inspire people and helps everyone buy into the vision. Anybody can bake a cake, but Anthony knows how to add the wow factor.” 

— Jane Cooper, President and COO, Herschend Family Entertainment